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Anji County Victory Bentonite Plant is located in the well-known name in northern Zhejiang Anji County , Zhejiang Province, the emperor County Town .

Anji is famous village of China bentonite , has China's largest production base of organic bentonite , accounting for 95% of the national production of organic bentonite from Angie . Anji County Town victory bentonite plant location emperor Gao Yu is the largest organic swelling of dry raw material base , with the best global suspension , the maximum whiteness, the highest content of montmorillonite bentonite deposit.

Anji County Victory Bentonite Plant has many years of production history of product development , advanced production equipment and strict process procedures , relying on local quality bentonite resources, rational development and utilization of mineral resources , to provide customers with high-quality bentonite drilling project inorganic gels , nano organic clay , plasticizers , dust , etc. bentonite products , stable and reliable product quality.

Anji County Victory Bentonite Plant's development and environmental protection has always been the pursuit of sync , we cherish every inch of mining resources, rational development of scientific production , to provide customers with bentonite products, we look forward to more customers.